Know Your Friends

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Download here

Know Your Friends is a multiplayer game for a minimum of three players that allows you to learn interestng things about your friends. The goal of the game is to guess which friend has given a certain answer to a question that tells more about this person.

Each round starts with a question that everyone should answer as honestly as possible. Then one answer is revealed to everyone and you can choose the person you think has given that answer.

If your answer was selected, you must guess which person has guessed that the answer reveiled was yours.

Whenever you make a correct guess, you are rewarded 1 point. In some rare cases it can happen that multiple people, give the same answer to the same question. If you select any of those persons you are awarded one point, even if the game selected the other player.

When joining a game, you can select your team (1 or 2). If a minimum of two players have joined both teams, the points are added to the total score of the team. If all players are in one team only, the points are given to each individial player.