Zombies vs Human

Download here
Download here

Zombies vs Human is a multiplayer game that brings the most fun when you play it in the same room with your friends. The goal of the game is eat all the food while escaping the chasing zombies in the dungeon. When the games starts, the human must make the first move. He/she clicks on the arrow to which the human must walk. The human makes its steps and then the zombies can make their move. Each player clicks on the direction to wich they want their zombie to move to. Note that the human is invisible on the screens of all zombie players.

Earning Points
The human can earn points by eating the food in the dungeon. Every time the food has been taken, the human earns 1 point. However, the food-tile is higlighted on the screen of the zombie-players, so they all know where he/she is!

This means that the zombies will start hunting the human! If a zombie is able to capture
the human, that player receives ALL the points from the human! All zombies and the player will warp to a random location on the board, and the chase can continue.

End of game
The game ends, when there are 3 pieces of food left on the board. The person with the most points wins the game.

In the game options, you can enable Power Ups. These are hidden on the map which give you a special option if you walk on it. When a power-up has been found, you can play them after all zombies /human have been moved.

You can find the following power-ups:
-Extra Turn
This gives the zombie / human an extra turn and means you make another step.

-Remove Food
Remove a food item from the board by clicking on it.

-Warp to different location
Jump to any location on the board. If you are human, you can jump directly on a food spot!