Are You A Math Genius?

Download here
Download here

Are You a Math Genius is a multiplayer game that brings the most fun when you play it in the same room with your friends. The goal of the game is to be the fatest in solving a math question. Each round a new math equation is shown and you need to answer the correct answer before the timer runs out. Every equation can use the operators: ÷, ×, + and -. Note that the normal math order rules apply, meaning that × and ÷ are executed before + and -. Note that the correct answer is always a positive whole number, so no decimals are required.

Under the game options, you can select the math difficulty level. There are 7 levels, where 1 is the easiest. The level number determines the number of operators used, and the maximum value that a number can get. Each person that has the correct answer will earn points. The fastest person wins the most points. Depending on the level and seconds you select for each round, the more points can be earned. When all rounds are played, the person or team with the most points wins the game!

When joining a game, you can select your team (1 or 2). If a minimum of two players have joined both teams, the points are added to the total score of the team. If all players are in one team only, the points are given to each individial player.

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