Mex With Dices

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Mex is a dice game also known as Mexes, Maxxen, Mexico or Mexicans. The game is played with two dice thrown simultaneously. The first player determines how often the dice may be rolled, with a maximum of three times. When the first player is satisfied with his score after two throws, the remaining players are only allowed to throw twice. The last number of throws counts, not the highest score.

To determine the value of the dice the following applies: The highest number of pips represents the tens. The lowest number of pips represents the units. So when a 3 and a 6 are rolled, this player has 63 points. When two equal pips are thrown, it counts as a hundred. If you throw double 4, you have scored 400 points.

A special throw, called the Mexx, is the highest throw achievable and consists of a 2 and a 1. If a Mexx is thrown in the game round, the lowest thrower gets 2 penalty points (instead of one). If another Mexx is thrown in the same round, the lowest thrower will receive two additional penalty points.

When each player has thrown, the round is lost by the player with the lowest score. This player has to start a new round and loses one (or more) lives.

Each player starts with 12 lives. The loser of a round is the one who has thrown the lowest score of all players and gets 1 penalty point (or more, if a mex has been thrown). As long as you have lives left, you stay in the game. If your lives reach 0 (or lower) you are out of the game. The other players continue to play until there is only 1 player left. The number of starting lives can be set in the game options.

If no player has thrown a Mex in a round, the player who is throwing may decide to end the round. This may be useful if this player has a low score and there are still players allowed to throw in this round. In that case there is a risk that these players will also throw a Mexx. If a player decides to abort a round and this player has the same lowest score as a previous player in this round, only the dice value of the player who aborts the round will go down 1.

If in a round two or more players have thrown the same lowest score then these players play one extra round to determine who really loses the round. However, in this round you may only throw 1 time instead of the normal 3 times. This can be repeated if necessary. If e.g. the normal round results in 3 players with the lowest score and 2 players remain in the 1st additional round, then a 2nd additional round is necessary to decide the normal round.

The last player in a tie may choose how the dice value should be counted: pips, or mex. With pips just the 2 and 5 become 7, 1 and 2 become 3 (so no mex). With the mex count the usual mex count is used, so 3 and 6 is 63. A Mexican thrown in an extra round still stands for the highest, but no extra lives are lost with the loser.

If you manage to play a round without losing, you get 1 point. If you throw a mex in that round, you get 2 points extra. If you lose the round, you lose one point. If you manage to be the last player left, you get 5 extra points.