Thirty With Dices

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Thirty with dices is a dice game you play by throwing 6 dices. You need to reach a total of 30 by throwing the dices. Every time you throw, you must hold at least one dice that will add up to your total. When all dices have been hold, you can end your turn. If your dice total is below 30, you lose the amount of lives under 30. E.g. if with a total of 27, you’ll lose (30-27 =) 3 lives.

When the game starts, everyone starts with 30 lives (different amounts can be configured in the game options). You are out of the game, if your total of lives reaches zero (or below). The game will be played until only one player is left.

Using six dices, you are able to reach a maximum total of 6 x 6 = 36 points. If your total is above 30, you can try to throw penalty points for the next player. The amount of penalty point you can throw is your total minus 30. If for example your total is 33, you can throw 33-30 = 3 penalty points. This means that you now can throw all the dices, and every 3 you see, are three penalty points for your opponent. Hold each three and throw again. If you see another three, hold it too to add more penalty points. If you don’t see anymore three’s after a throw, your turn ends and all the penalty points are removed from the lives from the next player.

Note: If you are able to hold all dices with the same penalty points, you are allowed to continue with all the six dices for a new round. The total amount of penalty points are stored, and each new dice will be added tot the penalty total.

Each round you play without dying you will earn 1 point. If you are able to throw penalty points against the next player, you will earn as much points for every penalty points you throw.